Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chest pain, fever, phew!

On the night before yesterday's, I had developed a slight pain in the lower part of the right chest. The pain was really so excruciating that it did not allow me to sleep almost half the night. So, yesterday, I had to rush to my doctor complaining about the pain and I realized that I was febrile when the thermometer showed well around 102 def F! So, after a few tests including an ECG, Dr.Niti told me the pain might be due to an infection and suggested me to take an anti-biotic along with Crocin, which is for controlling down the temperature.

Still this pain is troubling me in the nights, dragging me away from my usual sound sleeps! Of course, when I don't get sleep I will drive trains of fantasies - literary, humorous, etc - to keep myself engaged :) I hope I will get out of this ordeal sooner than later.


  1. u shall get out of this ordeal soon bhai...God bless u...

  2. My mom also had the same problem. But we restricted her from consuming milk and fatty rich diet. She is now alright

  3. You also try to fallow fibre rich diet.
    -From Jc Bose